Welcome to Toronto's Largest DevOps Community

DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

Meetup, Conference, Slack team - we're connected by an interest in improvement, automation, measurement and culture - come hang out with us to learn, teach and connect

DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

DevOps Toronto is committed to diversity and inclusion - read more about our efforts here

Toronto's Largest DevOps Meetup

DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

At over 5000 members, we're one of Toronto's largest meetups, and we'd love to have you join us as a member, speaker or sponsor. We meet most months on the first Tuesday. Click below to get more information:

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DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

Community Partners

DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

Reach Canada's Largest DevOps Community

DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

DevOpsTO needs partnerships to provide exceptional experiences

DevOpsTO has been Toronto’s DevOps meetup since 2011 with over 5000 members and we meet on the first tuesday of each month downtown Toronto to talk about the entire DevOps ecosystem. We’ve had talks about:

Infrastructure automationSecurityContinuous Delivery/DeploymentContainerizationVersion controlCloud/Hybrid infrastructurePlatform-as-a-serviceLogging and monitoringDisaster recovery

We offer a monthly sponsorship option to reach our membership which includes:

Your logo on our meetup pagePersonalized ad, special offer and linkMentions and thanks at every meetup sponsoredLead capture opportunities via raffles and surveysOpportunities to access our member base for beta testing, surveys, etcCollaboration with us on our annual member survey and access to result dataOpportunity to partner on our summer party and winter warm-up

That's less than 10c to reach each member and $7 per attendee each month. We typically draw 50-100 engaged members from a diverse range of industries including scrappy startups, healthcare, telecom, fintech, traditional financial services, IT and consulting firms.

Your contribution helps us secure food and drinks for our attending members, as well as assistance with other ongoing organizing costs.

DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

Canada's Best DevOps Conference

DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

DevOpsDays Toronto has been one of the largest DevOps events in the world since 2014. Join us and over 1000 others every spring to learn and talk about innovation, acceleration, velocity and scale in the DevOps world.

DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community
DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

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DevOpsTO believes in supporting underrepresented voices and perspectives in the Toronto tech community - we hold our community to the highest standards of kindness and conduct. If you see an opportunity for us to improve, please get in touch with us

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DevOpsTO thrives by having sponsors like you, if there are any questions we can answer to help you join us, please let us know!

DevOps is All About Collaboration

DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

DevOps Toronto wants to build and share in the Toronto tech community, so we’d like to partner with your team to swap logos/links/tweets/posts and keep our communities aware of all the events and groups in the city and beyond. If you’d like to reach our 5000+ member community and share yours - we’d love to have you join us!

We are currently in early planning for DevOps Days 2020 - a huge historic year and you can be a part of it by joining our list or Slack team here

You can check out 2019 here: https://bit.ly/devopsdaysto2019

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DevOps Days Toronto is starting up again for 2020 - follow along at @devopsdaysto

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DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community
DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community
DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

DevOps includes Diversity, Collaboration, Empathy and Inclusion

DevOps Toronto (and our DevOps Days conference) works hard to ensure our participants and reach include the broadest range of individuals we can. We understand that diversity and inclusion improve ideas, discourse, experiences and results.

Toronto is an incredible city because of its diversity. The city is in the 'Dish With One Spoon Territory'. The Dish With One Spoon is a treaty between the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas and Haudenosaunee that bound them to share the territory and protect the land. Subsequent Indigenous Nations and peoples, Europeans and all newcomers have been invited into this treaty in the spirit of peace, friendship and respect. This heritage informs how we should approach collaboration and inclusion in the present and future.

Below is a slightly modified (to include our meetup as well) copy of content we posted on DiversityCharter.org (and we encourage you to participate as well!)

DevOps Toronto is committed to including diverse and underrepresented voices in our community, at our meetup and annual conference.

We do our absolute best to reach out to communities, representatives and members of underrepresented demographics to include them and invite them to join us.

Each year we personally invite underrepresented voices to speak and submit talks to our CFP, as well as providing support and guidance to new voices in the form of CFP workshops and coaching.

Our organizing team and volunteers is carefully chosen to be diverse and inclusive, to ensure we have ideas and participation from a broad spectrum of experiences and backgrounds. We appoint a diversity, outreach and inclusion representative each year to hold us accountable to the highest standards.

We ensure our selected program reflects the diversity and representation we wish to see in our participants. We have a clear and strict code of conduct specifically acknowledged by all involved in the conference, whether they are organizing, speaking, attending or sponsoring. It's not just for show either, we've had to act on its behalf several times over the years to remind, confront and remove disruptive participants and protect our environment.

In order to make as many participants feel welcome and comfortable we offer our speakers:
Travel and accommodation support for out-of-town speakersChildcare or financial assistance that would help with the time obligationFree tickets for partnersSpeaker coaching available to assist with material, delivery or practiceAll meals, receptions and activities included at no costComfy, well equipped and quiet private speaker loungeAccessibility accommodations
We offer free tickets to underrepresented individuals to ensure everyone who wishes to attend can do so. Find out more about that here.

We choose accessible and well equipped venues and work to ensure everyone who wishes to attend or speak can easily do so. We offer a quiet room and nearby childcare options to our attendees.

A portion of our proceeds is committed as donation back to local Toronto diversity initiatives to support their efforts. We connect with diversity, equity and inclusive groups as community sponsors to share their work and presence with our audience.

We're also committed to acknowledging our history and heritage by reminding our participants of the previous indigenous occupants of land we now use for events and gatherings.

Including all affected, involved and invited through our thoughts and actions allows us to be the most positive community for everyone.

We're always open to ideas and iteration on all of our efforts to continuously improve - please connect with us to be a part of it!

Are you an ally willing to put funds towards your commitment? You can also show support by purchasing supporter tickets here

DevOps Toronto, Canada's Largest DevOps Community

DevOps includes Diversity, Collaboration, Empathy and Inclusion

If you're coming here from Diversity Tickets or DiversifyTech, hi! If not, check them out later for more awesome conferences :)

DevOps Toronto (and our DevOps Days conference) wants as many voices and ideas from diverse participants as possible. To underscore our commitment to diversity we offer free admission and support to attend both our conference series and meetup, in order to make it as easy as possible to join us!

DevOps Toronto is pleased to offer scholarships to our 2-day Conference and Meetup Series to anyone from an underrepresented group in technology, including but not limited to:

Women & Non-Binary People of ColorIndigenous peopleLGBTQIACaretakersPeople with disabilities
Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of need and impact. Our ability to provide support is limited by budget and sponsorship so we prioritize those who are advocates and supporters of these groups.

All selected recipients will receive a free ticket to the conference and admission to our meetup series. We'll also be offering a limited number of need based travel stipends.

To join us under our scholarship program please fill out the easy form linked below, and we'll be in touch!

Please help us spread our inclusion efforts to as many people as possible! If you could send a tweet or post linking to https://devopsto.com/diversity it would help a lot!

It can be as simple as:
Check out https://devopsto.com/diversity and spread the word about communities supporting #techdiversity

Must agree to follow our Code of ConductMust be 18 years old or overMust be able to attend the full conference schedule
What's Included
All scholarship awardees will be provided with a full access ticket to the entire conference, including all talks, activities, meals, and social events. Travel and accommodation reimbursement may be available, depending on our scholarship budget, and will be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

6 months prior to conference: Financial aid application opens
6 weeks prior to conference: Financial aid application closes
4 weeks prior to conference: Financial aid grants awarded
3 weeks prior to conference: Deadline to accept / decline aid
Conference Days: Disbursement sessions at DevOps Days

Disbursement of funds will be onsite during the conference in CAD. You can choose between receiving PayPal or most other major electronic transfer methods.

No funds will be disbursed prior to the event. Only those that attend the conference, confirm identity in person, and have submitted receipts will be reimbursed.